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23rd World Scout Jamboree Japan 2015

“WA: a Spirit of Unity” is the theme for the Jamboree. The Kanji Character “和” (WA) embraces many meanings such as unity, harmony, cooperation, friendship and peace. WA also represents Japan and its culture. This jamboree will gather from all corners of the world young people that will be sharing ideas, looking for new friendships. It will help them learn about different traditions, new technologies and take care of the Nature. After this unique experience, the scouts will go home as messengers of peace and with harmony in their hearts.

The 23rd World Scout Jamboree will offer a wide choice of attractive programmes. Through these programmes, Scouts will be able to experience the distinctive attributes of each participating country and territory. And this experience will enable Scouts to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually in the spirit of the Scout Movement as they advance toward their ultimate goal of “Creating a Better World.” The Jamboree Programme, running from the Opening Ceremony on the evening of the 29th of July 2015 until the Closing Ceremony on the evening of the 7th of August, will consist of Module Activities and Sub Camp Life. It will be a great opportunity for Scouts to make friends with their counterparts from all over the world. The theme of “WA: a Spirit of Unity” and the three concepts, “Energy”, “Innovation” and “Harmony”, associated with the Jamboree programme reflect specific educational objectives.

The official logo of the Bulgarian Contingent to WSJ 2015
The official logo of the Bulgarian Contingent to WSJ 2015