Jamboree programme

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Jamboree Programmes

Peace Programme

A one-day off-site programme to Hiroshima will provide o
pportunity for all the participants to learn from the events of 1945. Participants will visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park including the museum.

Peace Memorial Ceremony

As 2015 is the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of cities in Japan, we are creating the possibility to representative Scouts – possibly one from each NSOs – to attend the Peace Memorial Ceremony in Hiroshima.

Global Development Village(GDV)

GDV will be an on-site module programme, which tries to raise awareness of global issues such as peace, the environment, development, human rights and health among participants. As the 23WSJ will be held in Japan, GDV will focus on disaster mitigation. We will ask for active involvement of the UN agencies, NGOs and NPOs. GDV programme will be distributed to the world for pre-event materials, as well as being part of the Join-in-Jamboree programme.


Exploring Nature

A full day module programme that will foster better understanding of the surrounding nature will also bring appreciation to the environment. This programme will be held in Yamaguchi City where the Kirara-hama is.

Cross Road of Culture (CRC)

CRC will be an activity to promote the exchange of cultures, and learn respect for the cultures amongst participants.

Also in the CRC programme, we will try to have a programme aimed at deepening the cultural understanding of Japan from traditional culture to pop culture among the participants.

City of Science (COS)

COS, which will be one-day programme in Kirara-hama, will deepen the understanding of advances in science and technology and the benefits and problems associated with science. This programme provides a venue for learning about the development of fuel cells and other energy sources for the future, ecological problems, and robotics and automotive technologies.

Community Services

There will be a day for community services. Participants can compare their own community to another community. This programme includes practical implementation of the “Reaching Out” strategy in the local community. Participants will be able to experience the real Japan by working with local people.

Water Activities

Water activities such as sailing, wind surfing, snorkeling, rafting and fishing will be carried out at lakes, rivers or the nearby coast.